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Note to Jezebel: black women hate your site regardlessly

Jezebel is a website by women for women and is often described as a "feminist" site. Jezebel also goes to extraordinary lengths to address racist issues and plenty of its white writers as well as commentators are quite self hating people. So it may come as a surprise to them that black women on Lipstick Alley, a website by black women (haha, just kidding, look up who owns that site) for black women actually hate the guts of "white feminists" on Jezebel.

This can be witnessed in a variety of forum threads, of which I will only highlight a couple. If you for example do a forum search with "Jezebel" as keyword, you can find out by yourself that these illustrate the general sentiment and is not a bunch of cherry picked posts for my article.

Image from an "offending" Jezebel article

One example is when Jezebel did an article on Saartje Baartman which lead to the LSA thread titled "So yall just missed that Jezebel compared Nicki and Kim K to 'illegal immigrant' Saartjie Baartman". While the original Jezebel article focused on her tragic life, the LSA thread focuses on twisting and contorting the points made by the Jezebel author, who is described as a "white woman" but is actually a (admittedly rather white looking) latina. One of these points taken offense at is the description of Saartje Baartman as an "illegal immigrant" and "chose her subjugation", although from the description in the Jezebel article it seems indeed historically accurate she was rather illegally smuggled into England and went along willingly to Europe, perhaps due to naivety, ignorance and/or lack of other options in life. In no way does Jezebel author Cleuci de Oliveira seem to suggest Saartje Baartman wasn't exploited and enjoyed the whole experience. But that doesn't stop LSA posters from expressing their true feelings about Jezebel in particular and "white feminists" in general. Some examples:

  • User "cosmiclatte" claims: White feminist are disgusting.
  • User "Amanirenas" claims: What black women still read Jezebel? It's just a forum for white women to wallow in their privilege and self imposed ignorance.
  • User "Smoke Screen" claims: There is one Black writer at Jezebel that I like, but I've stopped reading her stuff because I can't be bothered to give them the clicks. Hopefully she jumps ship like everyone else and leaves the site to die.
  • User Pinkcashmere" claims: I stopped fuckin with Jezebel a long time ago. Nothing but a bunch poorly written crap for clueless white feminist trash.
  • User "BeyBey77" claims: Jezebel has no real feminist writers.
  • User "facespace" claims: This is why I can't jam with mainstream aka "white" feminism. They literally have no respect for anyone who isn't white.
  • User "The BlackAudrey" claims (only upvotes): White women are fucking idiots. I'm convinced.
  • User "SoulMusicStan" claims: Chile, and the heffas at Jezebel wonder why nobody fucking trusts white feminists. Those girls are clueless of anybody that is'nt white. Jezebel is a fucking cesspool POS full of entitied and clueless white feminist.
Anyway, you get the picture. A similar themed thread on Lipstick Alley is titled "White Feminist Compares Eating Meat to Slavery", based upon the Jezebel article "Meditation on the death of a lion". Similar to the previous thread, the original poster in the LSA thread focuses on twisting and contorting the Jezebel author's point into something that was never meant. A classic strawman argument hence. Here again this is merely an excuse to go onto a two minute hate session against white people in general and white feminists and Jezebel in particular:

  • User "fumi" claims: ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh white people
  • User "HieiLaNegra" claims, despite Jezebel's and Gawker's focus on "racial injustices": They weep over a dead lion but they are silent when it comes to the killings of Black American Men, Women and Children.
  • User "NoireAesthetics" claims while posting the picture below: Rihanna had the best idea of these white feminists
What black women would like to do to white feminists: KILL THEM
This brings us in a seamless fashion to another example of the hatred against "white feminists", that occurred when someone at the Guardian dared to criticize the BBHMM video of black icon singer Rihanna. That led to a 22 page LSA thread railing against "white feminists". Another statement illustrating the general opinion of black women about Jezebel being a site for "white feminists", comes from poster "Amanirenas" in the thread "Are white feminists reluctant to declare the new wave of black/WOC feminism":

This generation is being a lot more vocal and pushing back against the patriarchy they experience from both black and white men, and the two-facedness of white feminists. Sites like Jezebel are the perfect example of white female hypocrisy and asleep-at-the-wheel autopilot feminist thinking, and black women do battle on these sites daily, with more verbal fire than I've ever seen. And for the first time, black progressive female opinion is neither reliant on the quickly outdated works of authors, singers, and other members of the talented tenth.

Perhaps one of the more accurate descriptions of Jezebel goes to poster "112th Bwoy" in the thread "White feminists and their ownership of feminism", quoted below. Jezebel is indeed not really about feminism and addressing social and racial issues in general but all about throwing white men under the bus and playing the victim role in particular.

Every white women isn't a feminist or a whore who ''lays on her back'' for promotion, white feminists love throwing white men under the bus so they can absolve themselves of their whiteness & play the victim role, here's the most popular english language feminist site in the world with plenty examples. 
I'd say white feminsts are cleaning ''their own house'' because they are almost always focused on issues with white men. They ''ignore women of color'' as the threadstarter says because of precisely the kind of racially charged aggression in your post they recieve from black feminists. Thanks for proving my point.

So, what can we learn from all this? While a site like Jezebel goes to great extents of addressing the issue of intersectionality in feminism and just like Gawker does serious efforts to "address racism" / hate white men, black women will never be satisfied as long as black female authors are not the majority on Jezebel and as long as white women have the audacity to exist. According to many black women, the best option for white women would be to shut up and commit suicide, like their male companions. In my opinion, this is a sensible option for white Jezebel authors and commentators as they really do hate their own skin color and themselves in general so much.

Jezebel staff meeting

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