Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Move over Kara Brown, here comes Clover Dope

It seems Jezebel has a new colored staff writer named Clover Hope, who aims to overtake Kara Brown as writer of racially divisive articles. I already covered one of Kara Brown's prominentscrew-ups on this blog. I also already covered a previous Jezebel screw-up, when idiotic Jezebel writer Anna Merlan (who also got egg on her face regarding her covering of the UVA "rape" hoax) claimed people dressing up as golddiggers on a Kanye West themed party is "wearing blackface".

THIS was seriously labeled "blackface", I kid you not
Clover Hope however is a relatively new Jezebel writer and as such hasn't learned anything from previous massive Jezebel screw-ups and hence is the author of an article titled " Two White Students in South Africa Suspended for Wearing Blackface They Claim Was 'Purpleface' ". As no colored nor even white woman on Jezebel will pass an opportunity to bash white people, she greedily jumped upon the opportunity to publish the story of two white South African students who got suspended for "wearing blackface". The students themselves however claimed they were painted purple, dressed as space aliens and were suspended without proper reason solely due to people overreacting to pictures put on Instagram with a certain yellow filter that gave the unfortunate impression they were colored brown (see image below).

Left: true colors, right: filter
Now while Clover Hope has issues an update, she still persists in her evil ways and insists "white people shouldn't paint their skin in any hue much darker than their own skin color". *sigh*

To be forbidden
Maybe white people should petition to have any tradition / harmless ritual that has the remote possibility to offend white people forbidden as well.

If you're not a total hypocrite, this "whiteface" ritual should be forbidden too
What can we learn from all this? Social justice warriors, black and white (see Anna Merlan) alike, are whiny bitches that love to be offended by whatever they think may be politically incorrect in order to further their agenda of hating white people, truth or facts be damned.

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