Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Year's Eve attacks in Cologne: self censorship and code of conduct for women

This woman had a firecracker put in her hood. Luckily, it didn't go off, but the burns and scarring will be permanent.
I guess by now everyone has read about the events in Cologne, Germany on for example the BBC. What seems to have happened is that on New Year's eve, around 1000 men, many drunk and mainly of North African or Arab origin, went on a rampage firing fireworks into the crowd, the Dom of Cologne, maimed people by putting firecrackers into their clothes, stole personal belongings of women, ripped off clothes when possible and sexually molested and in some cases raped women. More than 100 women have filed police reports, three quarters of which involve sexual harassment.

What you'll not find reported yet in English news all that much is that in Hamburg pretty much the same thing happened at a station and around 50 women of around 18 to 25 years old filed reports of harassment, mistreatment of robbery. According to police 39 complaints involve sexual molestation and 14 robbery and theft. In Stuttgart, similar stories:

Culturally enriched girl

The news did take its jolly good time to reach most of you: it took about 5 days for this to be reported by CNN and the BBC and 4 days for the Daily Mail. This is perhaps somewhat understandable as the events happened in Germany. The Daily Mail however is less bothered by political correctness than the BBC, hence they reported sooner. So how about the situation in Germany? It took the bastion of political correctness Die Zeit 4 days to report on the event, the tabloid Express only 2 days and some local newspapers only one day. The article on Die Zeit has 1285 comments, but mostly because they often closed the comment section due to politically incorrect comments and closed it early too. The article on Die Zeit originally didn't mention either the men were described as mainly of North African and Arab origin, due to press code directive 12.1: "In reports on criminal offenses, the religious affiliation, ethnic background or minority group of the suspects or perpetrators, shall be mentioned only if there is a solid reason for understanding the reported events." You read that right: censorship is the norm in Germany.

For an eye witness event of what happened, you can watch the video below. Meanwhile, victim testimony is surfacing online too, but I haven't seen many yet with English subtitles:

So what should be done about this? Depends on who you ask. The police so far have arrested a grand total of 3 suspects. A few rightwing people are the most sane protesting against reckless immigration, a much larger group of extreme leftwing people are counter demonstrating saying their usual nonsense that "this has nothing to do with Islam" and yelling "Nazis go away", conveniently omitting Islamic ideology is equally anti Semitic as Nazism and ten times worse than Nazism in order respects.

The pro refugee female nutjob mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker, who got elected after being stabbed by an anti refugee nutjob, has perhaps the most brilliant suggestion to avoid this kind of things in the future: a code of conduct for women. Can't make this up. The suggested conduct includes maintaining an arm’s length distance from strangers, to stick within your own group, to ask bystanders for help or to intervene as a witness, or to inform the police if you are the victim of such an assault. I personally would have recommended these sluts to not drink alcohol, be veiled and accompanied by their husband or male relative and none of this would have happened. Perhaps if Miss Reker had kept in a group and an arm+knife length's away from strange men, she would not have been stabbed in the neck either. /sarcasm

Feminist websites like Jezebel on the other hand are relativating. Commentators are explicitly requesting that these people are referred to as just men, because it is typical male behavior, despite the fact that this is completely new for Cologne and the only thing that has changed in Cologne is guess what, the number of muslims. A reference is also made to the Puerto Rican Parade Day events of 2000, in order to point out evil christians also do these kind of things. Kind of weird that Jezebel commentators do not realize that pointing out the known sexual harassment culture of Latin American men is actually supporting what their arch enemy Donald Trump has been saying all along. Other commentators point out that at the October beer festival in Munich, deplorable events also happen despite that last year there were only 20 sexual offenses over a total of 17 days in an event attended by millions versus nearly a hundred in just a few hours in an event attended by thousands. Once again: according to all reports this is new and on an unprecedented scale in the whole of Germany. Jezebel also pays no attention to nutjob mayor Henriette Reker's suggestion, instead the insane feminists are fawning over a Jezebel article on the latest abayas and hijabs, I kid you not. When presented with the choice between women's rights and multi culturalism, many so called "modern" feminists will gladly give up their rights just to end up in multi-culti "heaven".

German muslims then again blame the police. That's right, not their own kind, but the police. I'm not making this up. The reason is the police made so little arrests and this kind of publicity is responsible for causing fear and hatred against muslims in society.

As far as I am concerned: this unlimited immigration madness has to be stopped, (self)-censorship in the German press needs to end and women need to learn to stand up for their rights instead of bending over backwards to be raped on the altar of multi culturalism.

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