Sunday, October 25, 2015

Germaine Greer says transgender "women" are not real women

This nevertheless quite obvious fact is cause for outrage and an article on Jezebel. This is causing (mainly white) feminists to have a heart attack and resort to their usual tactics of suppression of thought crimes by wishing to ban her from speaking on campuses and to destroy her career. It is also not surprising to those that know 'social justice warriors' how many of these hypocrite people are resorting to ageism and are saying Greer ought to shut up with her 20th century opinions.

Considering Greer's views on female genital mutilation ( ) , one should however not be particularly sad and radical feminists tearing their own to shreds is a rather amusing spectacle to behold.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Kara Brown says Matt Damon mad at Effie Brown

Today at Jezebel, there is an utter crap article titled "Matt Damon Is Mad at Effie Brown Over That Diversity Conversation on Project Greenlight" by Kara Brown. Now, a short introduction: why is Jezebel (still) mad at Matt Damon and why is the whole internet basically calling Matt Damon a racist? Did he lynch a black person? Call a black person the n-word? No, far worse. Matt Damon actually committed the hate crime of daring to disagree with AND interrupt a black woman. That bad.

This has led to massive outrage on the internet and has been used as an excuse to hate on white men, using meaningless terms as "whitesplaining", "white privilege" and most funnily saying "white liberals are the worst". In reality, Matt Damon is an all round good egg, socially committed and it makes you wonder whether those people actually believe the utter nonsense coming out of their mouth as they cannot possibly like actual white conservatives more.

Anyway, enough about Matt Damon. Time for a word on Kara Brown. Who is Kara Brown? Kara Brown is the resident racist black female troll writer for Jezebel, who fills her days writing mostly about irrelevant stories, to receive praise by sick sycophants while all dissenting commentators are banned by her. Her racism may be hard to notice as it is interspersed by the massive amount of irrelevant stuff she writes about. Once in a while however, in comments to other people or in her articles on controversial white people like Iggy Azalea (white women shouldn't rap), Taylor Swift (white women shouldn't be as popular as Beyoncé) and Christopher Columbus (white men shouldn't kill native Americans, they really shouldn't), you can really see the underlying hatred for all white people burning in her dark heart.

Racist woman in need of better hair
In her pathetic attempt to extend Jezebel's two minute hate session against Matt Damon, she claims now that Matt Damon is "mad" at Effie Brown, citing this article. Unfortunately it appears in said article, Effie Brown claimed her relationship with Marc Joubert, not Matt Damon, is in “tatters. We get it Kara Brown, Marc Joubert, Matt Damon, all white people's names sound alike. It's like Sha'niqua, Sharkeisha or Watermelondrea to one of those racist white liberals.

Kara Brown seems to have followed journalism classes from her colleague Anna Merlan, as apparently:
Brown now says, “Word on the street is I’m not his favorite person.”
word on the street is a valid source for a journalist. If you are wondering why Kara Brown isn't fired at Jezebel, I don't know. She even hates other white feminists, as evidenced in this Jezebel item. White female Jezebel readers just seem too dumb to realize they're hated on and think they're special because they feel white guilt and cheer along with black female Jezebel readers on how bad white feminists are. Three cheers for intersectionality.

Anyway, what can we learn from all this? Matt Damon is a white liberal, you know, the worst kind of racist. I suggest he works on his image, real hard.

Try harder to be black, Matt Damon 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Movie "The Martian" actually appears to be blackwashed

Apparently it isn't bad enough that Jezebel poorly reported on a party that supposedly had white people wearing "blackface" (actually dressed as gold digger), now their outrage boner has reached new levels of priapism. In a new article on Jezebel, it is claimed the movie The Martian featuring Matt Damon is whitewashed.

In Ridley Scott’s The Martian, Mackenzie Davis (a white actress) plays scientist Mindy Park, who’s Korean-American in the book from which the film is adapted, while Chiwetel Ejiofor (a black actor) plays a NASA director whose original character is Asian Indian.

In actuality, while Park is a common South Korean name, it is also a western name and no where in the book the ethnicity of the character is mentioned. So actually, the only complaint that can be made for real is that this movie has been blackwashed.

But I guess Jezebel just finds it fancy to distort the truth in order to turn their two minute hate session against Matt Damon into a four minute hate session. Because while in the old days, they rightly called you racist for the actual crime of lynching black people, nowadays interrupting a black person is enough to be accused of the thought crime of racism.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Anna Merlan thinks being dressed as a gold digger is "blackface"

Today on both Gawker and Jezebel, a story on a UCLA student groups throwing a “Kanye Western” themed party, for which guests dressed in baggy clothes, plumped lips and padded bottoms, or as “Kardashians.”

Oh boy, Kanye West. He's black, so you know people are butthurt in advance and looking for an excuse to be offended. Lo and behold, the Afrikan Student Union claims to be offended. Leftwing Gawker is remarkedly even handed, radical leftwing feminist Jezebel went completely overboard and did not bother to even check facts. There only a single photo was posted and the blackface was left to the imagination of the readers. Not surprisingly, this story is covered by Anna Merlan, a self proclaimed "real" journalist who got her white face burned pretty badly on the UVA rape story.

As pointed out at Gawker, none of the photos really show people in blackface:

Drawn on goatee and charcoal on the face now constitute "blackface"
Armenians should be offended. They don't all have big butts.

As remarked by a commentator on Gawker: it's frustrating, when you want to judge, you need to judge, you are dying to judge, but you just can't find a good reason. Jezebel likes to have an outrage boner. Here's how a real gold digger looks like by the way:

One of the first results for Google image and "gold miner": a racist chap wearing blackface.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Texas woman gets textbook publisher to alter supposedly "racist" caption

Educational publisher McGraw-Hill is updating one of their textbooks after a Texas-based mother and teacher publicly complained about a page that refers to slaves as “workers.”

The offending image

The whiner's post

This is featured all over the news, even CNN, and is also the subject of a post on Jezebel, titled Texas Mom Forces Textbook Publisher to Correct Caption Implying Slaves Were Immigrant Workers. This title contains three errors:

  1. The publisher wasn't forced but voluntarily agreed to "do better" given sensitivities.
  2. The caption is not being corrected, slaves were not entitled to benefits and had to work.
  3. The caption did not imply slaves were immigrant workers, since it starts with "The Atlantic Slave Trade", making quite clear people were working as slaves.
The problem is many people of color still walk around with an imaginary slave collar around their neck, thinking they've only been freed yesterday. This whole outrage is manufactured and an excuse to bash white people for perceived racism. I won't deny real racism exists, but this is no such example. The book is poorly formulated and doesn't mention enough that some of the migration was forced and the publisher seems to agree and will correct.