Thursday, September 3, 2015

LSA on the hardship of friendship with white women

A short intro: Lipstick Alley is a website by black women for black women (just kidding, look up who owns that site). Today on LSA we can find a new gem of a thread titled "Does anyone else find it hard to be friends with yt women?". In case any guilt ridden white women, the kind of which is abundant on Jezebel, wanted to find out how their black "friends" view their "friendship", now is the time. The original post by user Miso Horny (creative name) goes as follows:

In my experience I feel that it is more trouble than what it's worth. Sometimes they seem out of touch, moody and not straight forward. It's like dealing with a weasel. 

I dont know know how to explain it, but I also feel less comfortable around them, in a sense that they are kind of corny. (NOT ALL. I mean my celeb baes can get it, but there men...and while some are like above I dont think men in general tend to have those bitch ass qualities. The women also seem jealousy and think they should be the center of attention. Especially the blondes. It's like s blonde walks in and she just assumes her blonde self will be number one, but our society glorifies blondes even the most basic.

hmm maybe I'm just venting and over reacting, but damn...I need more colored ppl WOMEN to talk to in real life.

Allow me to select but a few posts among the replies below. This is again not picking a few exceptions, these statements are the norm:

  • User baqardi posted this universally approved post, that might as well summarize general feelings: I have trouble being friends with white people period
  • User Zaila posted another universally approved postI don't have white friends. Like not even one lol.
  • User Beaming1  posted following mostly approved gem : Hate white bitches. With a passion.
  • User Mrs Cam Newton  posted the following, which got plenty of downvotes: I have white friends. Befriending them was as natural as befriending my other friends. Sometimes I have a hard time befriending black people because I'm an "Oreo". It really just depends on the person for me. My circle is really diverse, and I like it that way.
  • User Bella Rose  on thieving white people: I had a few. There was one that was Single White Femaleish. She would copy EVERYTHING I did. The way I dressed, my hair, make up, jewelry, etc.

    I called her out on it and she was like, "You inspire me." I was like hmm, I guess we "inspire" all white people, because y'all stay stealing from us....She didn't have anything to say, lol
  • User bigshirley posted the following apparently very funny (lots of laughs, haha) post: i don't even like white dogs
  • User Grl got plenty of downvotes for : Y'all are a sad bunch. When I hear stuff like this it makes me grateful for my diverse upbringing. If anything, I have a harder time befriending other black girls, not because I don't want to. It's just harder. All white women (people) are not the same. Yes, they can be corny, annoying, vapid, etc. but then there are a lot black women that for every stereotype in the book too.
  • User Wednesday A on white womenz trying to steal her man: Every white woman friend I had turned out to be a back stabbing bish. I was completely done when my old 'best' friend tried to fuck my ex and flirted with him in high school. She ruined all white girls for me now. I haven't tried to befriend a white girl since. They don't try to talk to me. And I don't try to talk to them. It's better this way xD ...
  • User ih1990 gets a lot of laughs with : i don't have any white friends lol i live in a part of canada that is chock full of white people too lol. i'd rather be by myself 24/7 than be friends with white people. people always get surprised when they find this out tho b/c i guess i come off as a new black until i inevitably start talking about how much white people suck
  • User Warhorse gets a lot of downvotes (black people can't be racist you know) : Have you ever considered that you might be racist? Not judging. Just wondering.
  • User Never A Flaw , accurately describing herself as intolerant (self knowledge is great): no. cuz i don't try.
  • User Crooklyn It's hard to be friends with yts period.. Can't trust them

What can we learn from all this? That people often look for friendships in their own communities. This is not necessarily bad or evidence of racism (except when it concerns white people, everything is proof of their racism), it is kind of natural for all races and nationalities. We do see blatant racism when people say they "hate white bitches with a passion". So again, yes black people can be racist too, which is an unpopular opinion as evidenced above.

If you are a guilt ridden white woman that hangs around Jezebel, you might want to reevaluate how your black friends view you and whether you are a close friend or more of an acquaintance. You may also have to double your efforts to be "woke", whatever that means (acknowledging your "white privilege", how black people are so disadvantaged, repeat the bad history of white people ad nauseam, yada yada yada). When it comes to race relationships, keep in mind that while everybody dancing in a circle singing kumbaya is great, reality is different and it is not only white people who are at fault for the differences between utopia and reality.

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