Thursday, September 3, 2015

LSA on black men with white women (2): black woman seeking "chocolate children" with white man (how?)

A short intro: Lipstick Alley is a website by black women for black women (just kidding, look up who owns that site). In a simplified fashion, one might summarize that the site is filled with black women, 60% of whom think that "white peen" (term used over there) is the grossest thing ever and the other 40% of whom is "down with the swirl" (same), except when it concerns black men dating so called "Becky's" (generic name for white women, but don't you ever dare refer to black women as "Sharkeesha's").

Now while black people of the "social activist kind" will tell you that black people can not be racist because they are not the majority or don't "have power structures", one can clearly observe themes that also recur on sites like Stormfront (just interchange the terms "black" and "white"):
  • race mixing is bad
  • white people are evil
  • hanging around white people and promoting black causes are mutually exclusive
Now if this post sounds familiar so far, it is: so far these are exactly the same points as made in a previous post about James Earl Jones. That thread so far has 20+ pages, a high number over there but quite usual giving the subject matter. The topic is an easy way to get your threads viewed, drive up your posts and popularity, so it comes as no surprise that there is an additional thread called "Why do black people, particularly black men procreate with white people? Serious discussion". Allow me to quote the original post, by user The Love Below :

It seems like black people are the #1 race that doesn't preserve [black] legacies. Of course there are some but I see so many wealthy or famous black men who have white wives or other race wives with no second thought. It's so odd to me. I don't usually see black women go out of the way to marry white men. I honestly think black women are more mindful to wanting black husbands/fathers for their kids but these black men. I swear, shit is getting worse now. We need to start being smart. I always say I'm going to marry a black man and I want the father of my kids to be BLACK. I want a BLACK empire. BLACK legacy. That's the way it should be. Why don't we teach these kind of things? 

There's no need to whitewash bloodlines. That's what they want you to do. Rich black people should keep their bloodline BLACK. Why have a biracial child who doesn't look black and has white blood and then they have kids with less black blood. I can't. We need to be smarter.

Now while in the thread on James Earl Jones, we saw that clearly the vast majority of the audience disapproved of interracial relationships, this thread has managed to attract a slightly more even audience of  what can only be described as black supremacists versus swirlers or those who do not mind as much. Black supremacists are still the majority though. Now I will not give a summary of posts like in the James Earl Jones thread as it is the usual vile bunch of statements for black supremacy and against interracial relationships, although this time interspersed with more statements from mentally saner people.

I want to draw attention instead to one of the more delusional posts, by user TabithaNow the excuse of a number of white people that they cannot be racist because they have a token black friend, or even a couple of black friends, is well known. It is well known because it is ostensibly false: you can have black friends and still be racist. Less well known is that there is an equivalent when it comes to racism from the black community: "I have a white friend". The quote below is however taking this a bit more to the extreme: to have a white husband and still hate children's whiteness, claim white DNA as inferior and claim to be "woke". I'll let the statement speak for itself:

I love my husband (who is white), but I wasn't woke when I married him. Now, I do not desire mixed children at all. I want my future children to be chocolate and proud like me. I don't want them confused about their blackness. I want them to have the best DNA sequencing and natural protection against aging and the effects of the sun.
 Now "social activist" types will tell you black people can not be racist because they are not the majority and/or they do not have "power structures created for systemic oppression", but fuck them. This isn't "bigotry", this is racism pure and simple. For those wondering why I care, as mentioned before, I have mixed children. I don't want them to see themselves as either "white" or "black" because they're not. I want them to see themselves differently and as their own persons, thinking with their own mind instead of listening to the hive mind when it comes to interracial relationships.

What can we learn from all this? If a black person says they can't be racist because they have a white friend or are married to a white person, do NOT take them on their word either.

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