Monday, September 7, 2015

LSA and white parents adopting black children

I recently had an item on Jezebel and their covering of a white woman who sued a sperm bank for mistakenly giving her sperm of a black donor. The overwhelming and predictable response is that the woman was a racist and a horrible human being. Apparently it should come as normal to this woman to have a baby of ANY color and racial issues should be non existent.

But how do black women REALLY feel about this when they think white people are not reading along like on Jezebel? We can get a clue by reading the following thread on Lipstick Alley, a site by black women (just kidding, look up who owns that site) for black women, entitled: Why are SOME of you against white people adopting Black kids?.

The opinion on white people raising black children is overwhelmingly negative. Reasons are:
  • User msthaaaang claims: Because they cannot teach/warn them of the black experience seeing as they have no idea what it means it feels like to be black.
  • User Genesislinx claims: Cuz a lot of them have inherent prejudices and ignorance about black people that they pass on to their adopted children. Some of them also twisted ideas and perversions regarding black folks and people of color in general.
  • User RomanticRights claims: I'm not against it but i don't think it's ideal unless the white parents are fully aware of the black experience which it is a rarity.
  • User gesamtkunsTWERK  has the retarded opinion (some mixed race kids are named Kieran, a name chosen together by both parents): Because non-black people treat black children like a hot commodity and bring these children into hella racist families without blinking an eye. Just look at Romney's grandson. You can't tell me that family isn't anti-black as fuck. They named the child Kieran for goodness sake, which literally means "dark-skinned"/"black" in gaelic.
  •  User RUDE BOY claims: I honestly can't think of an answer because I'm 50/50 about it. While I think a child should be adopted by two loving parents regardless of their race, I also wonder about their upbringing in the sense that they may be completely white-washed from their own culture.
  • User Zephyr claims white people treat black children like pets: Because ive witnessed the abuse that non white children go through that are adopted by well off white families. White peoples treat non white children like puppies from the dog pound , they feel like they are doing the kids a favour by giving them a new home. I have a friend who was adopted by a rich white man as a gift to his wife. They are trulely sick, children are not pets or inanimate objects to be given as gifts!
  • User Baker Dandridge claims: I'm not againts whitee adopting black kids per se but I think the race issue is there whether we like it or not and some of the parents can be naive about this. They should be versed on racism and make a conscious effort to help their child navigate their black identity.
Now which comment actually got the most downvotes on Lipstick Alley? Surprise, surprise, that would be the comment that elaborates on Jezebel's hippie kumbaya message of "all you need for a child is love":
  • User texaco claims: This isn't rocket science folks. In order to raise a child into a reasonably well-adjusted adult. All you need is love. Now as for cultural development and all that super critical shit. There are options out there to get that done.
What can we learn from all of this? Women of all races on a forum like Jezebel will say all you need for a child is love and white parents raising a black child is no problem at all. Black women however, when thinking white people are not watching, will say a completely different thing in private (I think white women in private also don't believe their own politically correct hypocrite bullshit). Black women overwhelmingly side eye white parents raising a black child and think it either is a problem (up to "they'll be treated like pets") or might be a problem if the child doesn't get the "black experience". I don't know what exactly the latter means or what "feeling black" means, but I believe the child should be taught about victim-hood and racism. The white parents should tell the child of all the evils of white people.

As you can see, hypocrisy aplenty.

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