Wednesday, September 2, 2015

LSA on black men with white women (1): James Earl Jones edition

A short intro: Lipstick Alley is a website by black women for black women (just kidding, look up who owns that site). In a simplified fashion, one might summarize that the site is filled with black women, 60% of whom think that "white peen" (term used over there) is the grossest thing ever and the other 40% of whom is "down with the swirl" (same), except when it concerns black men dating so called "Becky's" (generic name for white women, but don't you ever dare refer to black women as "Sharkeesha's").

Now while black people of the "social activist kind" will tell you that black people can not be racist because they are not the majority or don't "have power structures", one can clearly observe themes that also recur on sites like Stormfront (just interchange the terms "black" and "white"):

  • race mixing is bad
  • white people are evil
  • hanging around white people and promoting black causes are mutually exclusive

It comes hence as no surprise that James Earl Jones having a white wife is a new hot thread on Lipstick Alley. Allow me to select but a few posts:

  • User TheProfaneAngel : Jeez...his son is basically white. So one of the greatest black actors of all time black legacy will be gone if his son choose to marry white. Wtf? Don't these black men think? Jeez...
  • User TheProfaneAngel : You can't be pro black and marry white in my opinion. They did their part for civil rights but they weren't pro black to me. Pro black people value black families.
  • User Freespirit123 (the irony): Hi The Flavor. You just got the memo? That's all that James marries is White women. This is his second Becky wife.

    Back in the day, my parents expressed how baffled they were that James was always talking the pro Black nationalist talk against racism towards Black people, yet he was always with White women. We (me and my parents) still love and admire the brother, but we just wondered about this.
  • User sugarbaby1 : Look how white and unattractive their sons are.
  • User ElizabethTheII : that's unfortunate
  • User The Flavor Yes....same with Harry Belafonte and Sidney Poitier. Pro black but married white. 
  • User ZeeZeeblue : That's typical behavior when it comes to a lot of those pro black men. I read that the majority of the guys who were in the Black Panther Party were screwing white chicks.
  • User ZeeZeeblue : They don't care. A lot of these black men are so full of self-hate until having a white woman and half white children is the only thing that makes them feel good about themselves.
  • User Frozenyoghurt : They weren't interested in fighting for equal rights for black people, they were interested in equal rights for themselves. Namely, access to white women lol.

    They weren't really about dismantling white supremacy. They just wanted white acceptance.
  • User Butterflyj30 : He's married to a white woman 
  • User HighfivesuckJames bred the black right out of his line
  • User heyladies : this really hurts my feelings
    and I concur with the men are so disappointing man, like fuck, get it together.

Now I get people coming: 

  • you're coming from a racist angle: my angle is I have mixed children, I have issues with people decrying the evils of race mixing.
  • you're selectively quoting: no I'm not, those comments are the majority, check for yourself.
  • those comments aren't approved there: again, check for yourself. Nearly no one challenges these greatly approved views.

One of the few comments that got downvotes was the one telling the truth about the hypocrisy inherent on that site:

  • User Dre22Era : black man get a white woman = he is a sellout
    black women get a white man = you go girl get that money

What can we learn from all this? For many black women, race mixing of black men with white women is evil.

For women coming from Jezebel: one of these days I'll post an article of how much people at Lipstick Alley look down upon "white feminists at Jezebel". You can choose to dismiss me and continue with your white guilt parade, or you can face reality one of these days and learn what LSA'ers truly think about you, yes, even if you acknowledge your "guilt".

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