Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Jezebel says Taylor Swift's video is racist

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Jezebel, a well known website for women, both asian, black and guilt ridden white, has established Taylor Swift's new music video is racist. You may ask youself why?

The accusations towards this horribly offensive video include:
  • white washing
  • ignoring history
  • approving colonialism

Now let's look at the individual charges:

  • white washing: Taylor Swift is white. obviously her wearing black face isn't appreciated, so what is the other option? Giving her a black romantic interest in the music video would have been even less appreciated, especially at websites like Lipstick Alley. For those not in the know, Lipstick Alley is a website that is very much down with the swirl, on the condition that it is white men with black women. White women going for self hating black men are evil, in case you did not know.
  • ignoring history: it is a video clip, for the Flying Spaghetti Monster's sake. It is not supposed to be deep. If it HAD addressed any history of colonialism, social justice warriors would have rambled about Taylor Swift lecturing black people on their own history from a perspective of "white privilege" (a meaningless term used at random when people don't have actual arguments to call white people racist).
  • approving colonialism: a non sequitur not even worth addressing.
What Jezebel is right about (even a broken clock is right twice a day), is that this video clip does evoke the spirit of Out of Africa, a movie with feminist icon Meryl Streep. You will however not see Jezebel go after Meryl Streep, instead it chooses an easy target, Taylor Swift.

The reason for the animosity towards Swift is not difficult to understand, one needs to visit but websites like Lipstick Alley to get it. The real reason is the (perceived) dominance of slim white girls in "white entertainment industry". A more idealistic, socially just society would have as only icons Beyonce, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj, in that order. One needs to have but a quick look at the overly inflated Twitter "feuds" between music stars to see that insecure black women turn small time quarrels into race based themes of "us versus them".

What can we learn from all this? Female white pop stars are bad.


  1. Jezebel comments:

    >>>"Taylor Swift is the combination of three of the the most privileged traits in America- young, white, conventionally good looking. While I do not question her hard work or her persistence, these traits helped her be more successful than someone who was not those things. I am sure she thinks this is just an “Exotic” video. That is the saddest part because most people will agree with her."

    Predictable: her being white is bad, "privilege" can't be absent either.

  2. Jezebel comments:

    >>>"Taylor is the physical embodiment of white feminism and outside the extremely racist and tone deaf aspects of this POS video, it's also boring and TayTay needs a new schtick and a new lipstick color like yesterday."

    Please do note that hilariously, "white feminism" is described as bad, but you'll not find a single white woman with the courage of addressing this (most likely guilt ridden lily white) poster.